TechBuzz: iPhone SE Images Released, Smaller Design

So, basically, it's the old iPhone design, just with some new features?

We're sort of used to Apple trying to come up with new ways to sell revamped designs, so we can't say it's a surprise that The Verge reports that this new iPhone SE takes the design from the iPhone 5, adds a fingerprint scanner and a better camera.

The camera retracts in, and the SE is 4-inches, and has the same capabilities for the most part as the iPhone 6s, without having the giant phone to go with it.  It works for people who don't want a huge phone to fit in their pocket, or someone who's got "small hands" as the video commentator mentions... *Cue Donald Trump*

The phone isn't the only thing to make a downsize according to the article, as the newest iPads go from 12.9-inches to 9.7-inches.



The Verge also quotes from the Keynote with Tim Cook on the subject of the iPhone Security issues they've recently had with the government. He says "We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. We owe it to our customers, and we owe it to our country. This is an issue that impacts all of us, and we will not shrink from this responsibility."

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Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”