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The Latest On GN’R New Music Rumors

The Guns N' Roses rumors continue to come fast and furious as the group nears the April shows featuring original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.

Recent reports have had Slash and McKagan in the studio working on new music for the group; now comes word via GNRTruth, a fan message board, that the material may be unfinished songs Rose started working on for GNR's last album, 2008's Chinese Democracy.

One of the board's contributors writes that, "I am under the impression that many of the songs from the group of songs we think of as the 'second half' of 'Chinese' are still intended for release. Slash & Duff did some studio work on a couple of them, which will hopefully be released on a 'best of' collection later this year. I have no way of knowing what would or would not be revisited, but I personally believe Axl's focus in terms of new music, if/when it`s ever released, continues to be the songs we think of as the 'second half' of 'Chinese."

GNR has not commented on the possibility of new material, but members of the band's lineup at the time have acknowledged that there was a significant amount of additional material worked on during the sessions.

Chinese Democracy was the first GNR album in 13 years at the time of its release, and neither Slash nor McKagan appeared on the album.


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