(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

J.K. Simmons Lands 'Justice League' Role

The hat has been tipped from Gary Oldman to J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.  

The Hollywood Reporter shares that the Gotham City Police Commissioner will be J.K. Simmons in this new version of the Batman universe. He will join Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the movie will start filming Mid-April.

Simmons is no stranger to the comic book world. In 2002 and beyond, he played J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man series. It will be interesting to see him transition to this role (which like everything else, he will totally nail), but it will be hard to not see Triple J coming from him if you were a big fan of the series.


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