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Richard Patrick Talks New Filter Album, Leaving NIN

Three years after their last album, Filter is returning with their seventh studio album Crazy Eyes this April.  So, what can we expect?

Frontman Richard Patrick recently spoke with WRIF’s Meltdown, and he offered up these details:

“Well, it’s personal, but it’s also a reflection on where we are…There just this strange lunacy that I find fascinating as a songwriter…Look, Katy Perry can write about fireworks and being constructive and being positive; Filter doesn’t do that.  Filter writes about the weirdest stuff that we can find.  This record is no exception…I ask the deep questions, but at the same time, I want music that you can just crank in your car where you sit there and just rock out to.  The lyrics have to be reflective of my life and everything like that…There’s a couple of downright fun songs.  My buddy, I love him.  He used to be in my band, but he’s this crazy drunken texter…You know, I just wrote a song about it.  Just this really insane, fun punk rock song called “Drunken Texter.”  So, there’s some of that.”


Of course before Filter, Patrick served as the touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails, and when asked about an infamous story about Trent Reznor telling him he’d make more money selling pizzas instead of making his own music, Patrick had this to say:

"I wrote this song called ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ and ‘Dose’ and ‘Under,’ and Warner Brothers [Records] wants to give me a million dollars, and you think I should sell pizzas…He was very short sighted.  I could’ve made him tons of money on Nothing Records…but that’s the way it is.  You know, he was wrapped up into his thing.  A friend of mine just told me, ‘If you want to make it of your life, you have to leave Nine Inch Nails…’  I had a blast being ‘Piggy’ and jumping around on stages and not having any responsibility other than, ‘Hey!  What’s that guitar part you wrote for me? Okay, great! I’ll do it!’ When you start to write music on your own and you start to become your own person, that’s like leaving the nest.  It’s the best thing I ever did.  I’m glad, but he was shocked.  I’ll tell you that.  I’m like, ‘Well, I’ve got Warner Brothers, so I’m just going to go do that.  If Warner Brothers doesn’t work out, I’ve got Atlantic [Records], and I’ve got Epic [Records] and yeah…”


Crazy Eyes is available for pre-order along with a bunch of exclusive bundles at

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