Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tom DeLonge Wanted Blink-182 to "Sound Like Coldplay"

The bad blood between Tom Delonge and his (former) Blink-182 bandmates continues to flow. In a recent interview with YouTuber Mr. Wavvy, 'Blink' drummer Travis Barker had some rather harsh words for Tom (and indirectly Coldplay).

Travis said that Tom was, "basically just tapped out" and "being extremely difficult" during his final days with the band. Travis also said that “Mark and I never wanted to change...the last couple of albums, Tom wanted to sound like U2, to record songs that basically sound like Coldplay.” Adding, “For us, we were always like ‘Blink is Blink, man. We want to sound like f-cking Blink-182,'”

You can check out the entire interview below. -Jarvis