Tom Brady Extension: 4 More Rings? - Amy Brooks

Let the haters hate hate hate for 4 more years.  Never have I experienced a Leap Day that I didn't like.  And here's just further confirmation.

Tom Terrific is under contract with the Patriots until he’s 42 years old!  Wow.  I know he said he wanted to play into his 40's and maybe even for 10 more years (oh he's such a kidder) and we all guffawed at that but hey, he's on his way!  Brady and our Patriots have agreed on a two-year contract extension that locks him up through the 2019 season according to Adam Schefter and Dianna Marie Russini of ESPN.  Which to me translates into 4 more very viable tries for a 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th ring.


Ya know, after watching Peyton Manning basically do a lame duck slow spiral (quite literally) all the way to Superbowl greatness (he should buy each of his O-line as well as his first rate defense a new truck.  And YOU get a car, and YOU get a car...) it sure looks to me as if Tom has a better and stronger chance at doing it again and even maybe possibly again and again and yet again for HIS team.

So let's hope he stays healthy and that he gets some serious O-line support, because along with his written and signed extension it would be cool to see him also need one for his jewelry box.

Go Pats!

Check out this video. Highlights of Tom's amazing career (so far)...