WATCH: Alone In A Mall - Halsey Covers Blink 182

I may be late to the party but I am drinking the Kool Aid.

While looking for news on Blink 182 I found this (below), which was recorded with a cell phone at a mall in Philly back in 2013.

Halsey.  Her God given name is Ashley Frangipane.  And what I find remarkable is that she is just standing here in a mall, humble but not afraid, singing someone else's song (Blink's "I Miss You") with no stage, no other vocals, no production and no music behind her.  She's humble but unafraid.   Talent aside, she's ballsy.  and her vocals back then reveal what the world would come to learn about her abilities.

“Like, you guys can totally sing with me,” she tells her friends behind the camera.

Ballsy and brave (among other great things).  That's Halsey.  Thank you Jason Rossi, our resident Halsey torch bearer for pouring the Kool Aid.