Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

WATCH: How A Grammy Award Is Made

Countless musicians have taken home Grammys in the award show’s 58 year history, but did you know that all of those shiny, gorgeous trophies are made by a four-man crew in a tiny town in Colorado?

Since 1983, John Billings has been the leader of the small crew that crafts each Grammy by hand.  Billings began crafting Grammy in 1976 under the guidance of Bob Graves, the father of his best friend who had lead the production before him.  When Graves passed away in 1983, Billings took over the production, which takes about 15 hours to produce one Grammy.

In an exclusive video from Billboard, watch Billings and his crew go through the steps of crafting the Grammy.  It’ll definitely give you a new appreciated for the awards.



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