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Bands We Love To Hate - Amy Brooks

This is not my list.  I repeat this is not my list.  I found this list of bands we supposedly "hate" posted by Prachi Gupta at  Now, ok, a couple of these bands were tough to argue.  But I did my best anyway. Because I don't like to hate bands.   HATE is just too strong.  Gotta save hate for the boyfriend you walked in on screwing your best friend.  #JustSayin

So here is Prachi's list.  I'm just here to be a PIA and challenge her.  (My replies are in bold italics)


"Hating Nickelback used to be cool, but it’s so easy that it’s kind of just a fact, now. Nickelback plagiarizes itself and somehow still has fans. Oh, and also, Nickelback sucks." (Wow, Prachi.  Tough crowd! Yes it's too cliche to hate them.  That was so early 2000's, besides they are Canadian and Canadians are at least known for being kind. And hey as in this song...below, they are doing a damn good job poking fun at them selves and their comrades. Can't hate that.  #JustSayin

Nickelback - Rockstar

Artist: Nickelback Label: Roadrunner Records Nickelback's new album, 'No Fixed Address' is available now: Connect with Nickelback:


"Even in the 1990s, there were only so many mock turtlenecks and cargo pants the front cover of Tiger Beat could handle before fans revolted against the fashion. In a musical genre already dominated by the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, Nick Lachey’s boy band never really had a chance." Ok, I admit, I am no fan of 98 Degrees but hey they took a chance and they did what they had to do to get noticed? In this Boy Band eat Boy Band world...ok I'm reaching. Prachi- I may have to agree with you here.)


"Smash Mouth is what would have happened if Limp Bizkit made love to a Lisa Frank poster. In theory, that sounds kind of amazing. In practice, it is not".  One word Prachi, ROYALTIES (think Shrek) they've made enough to retire 10 years ago and look at you, you're still working. #JustSayin 


"If the Black Eyed Peas, the creators of nonsensical hits like “Boom Boom Pow” and “My Humps,” qualify as music, then any kid with a Barbie Mix It Up DJ Turntable is Mozart. Who needs vocals when you’ve got auto-tune?" Ooooh ouch!  Hmmm, not everything has to be Mozart worthy? is a true music mastermind.  The songs may not be filled with words of brilliance or notes of genius but he has figured out what the people like and that is their schtick (well it used to be) ok Prachi you may have a point here too.


"If music on the radio in the early 1990s all sounded the same, that’s because it was all Hootie & The Blowfish, All The Time. The band’s bland music had no real edge and just enough melody to have comfortably become background noise, except then the booming baritone voice of Darius Rucker came on and bore into your skull like a drill. Twenty years later and chances are that you can still hear Rucker rattling around there in your brain" Awww poor Hootie!  Prachi, hate is just too strong here.  Hootie is a guilty pleasure, with catchy lyrics and melodies.  Hootie was never out to be edgy.  Just a happy little band that wanted nothing more than to hold your hand 😉 #justsayin


"Interchangeable with Matchbox 20, but technically not Matchbox 20. They are allegedly a different, other hated band". Just mean Prachi! Johnny Reznick has great guitar and song writing ability and their bassist makes the best bass player jamming faces.


"John Mayer is that insufferable bro — you know, the one who wears a pukka bead necklace, is always shirtless, toting around a guitar at that house party you didn’t want to go to, anyway. He probably sucks the humor from a joke and ruins the punch line, but no one else seems to care, because he’s a shirtless bro with a guitar. He probably likes Dane Cook. And misogyny". Ok Prachi, you got me this is a funny one! Maybe not completely accurate but funny.


"Thirty-something adults who now now roll their eyes at Drake’s “YOLO” are no better: Chances are good that they used to follow around the cultish Dave Matthews Band 10 years ago, imparting profound, oft-quoted wisdom like “eat, drink and be merry” and “life is short but sweet for certain”.  Hey, if liking Dave Matthews is wrong then I don't want to be right.  I did an in the round interview with the guy at a Radio 92.9 event years ago and he couldn't have been funnier and more kind to his fans.  Plus, the guy rides his bike to venues, so he doesn't need the bling like Drake does. And dammit I like that. #JustSayin


"Listening to even one song by Creed invokes a sea of nausea, as if your brain is fried from watching “Two and a Half Men” reruns for 24 hours. As Spin Magazine put it, they’re like “Nickelback before there was Nickelback.” Tough to hate a rock guitar based band with religious overtones who's lead singer has had such struggles with mental illness (bipolar disorder).  Geesh. When I hear Creed I find it liberating to imitate Scott Stapp's guttural rumblings, and my mom always told me imitation is the finiest form of flattery.  Amen 

Creed - Higher

Music video by Creed performing Higher. (C) 1999 Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc.


"Blink 182 began as an attempt to wean tweens off of boy bands, except they soon turned into self-parody when teenagers began to like them in earnest, ushering in an unforgivable era of wannabe-pop-punk rockers like Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne and Jimmy Eat World". WHAT?  Comparing Blink to Avril Levine?  Settle down now Prachi.  Hey Blink has given us several simple to remember loud songs that helped to break the mold (however in a commercial way) with songs that we didn't have to over think. Songs we could be happy weren't The Back Street Boys. Besides Travis has some of the sickest tattoos. Can't hate that.   

Well that was fun. There were more on the list to dispute like - Limp Bizkit and Blues Traveler but I ran out of steam.  Check out her full article HERE.

Moral of the story for me is...let's try not to hate bands.  Hey they're putting themselves out there and most ALL musicians are their own worst critics.  So they don't need the help or a reminder that they suck, especially when they don't.  #JustSayin

-Amy Brooks