Local 92.9's "Femme Fatale"

Something wicked this way comes...

We have some very exciting news just in time for Woman Crush Wednesday!

Around the time of the battle of the bands last year, we started to notice that we were having a lot of female fronted local bands play shows and come in studio. We also realized these women are bad ass goddesses and should be celebrated for their musical prowess. Over the past year, we've had seven lovely ladies record songs for us in studio, so we started thinking, why not share those tracks with you?!

We are proud to announce that we are releasing a compilation album of the 7 female artists who have come in studio. The album, appropriately titled "Femme Fatale," will be available for free download on Bandcamp on February 12th, just in time for Valentine's Day!

The concept of the album is that the 7 girls match up with the 7 Goddesses of Greek mythology.

Our goddesses are:

Amy & The Engine as Aphrodite

Annabel Lee as Persephone

As the Sparrow (Crystal) as Athena

Gretchen & The Pickpockets as Artemis

Hunter as Hera

Jenna Lotti as Hestia

Sarah Blacker as Demeter


Stay tuned for more fun things with each of our Goddesses.