Radio 92.9 Welcomes Muse To The Garden 1/25 - What To Expect

Muse fans unite.

I have been looking at reviews of their shows so far on this Drones tour and I thought I'd share what I found.  Here's what we can expect when they stop in Boston.

  1. They play in the round.  Circle stage, center arena - I love shows in the round, better viewing and perspective, plus it'll be fun to see Matthew Bellamy do laps which he apparently does.

  2. 110 minutes long.  A respectable showing of just under 2 hours.  Which, no, is not nearly as long as U2 or Foo Fighters but X Ambassadors will fill the void PLUS, Matt Bellamy isn't known to say too much. He just doesn't talk between songs unlike Dave Grohl and Bono!  Music music music.  Two thumbs up there.
  3. They are clean and crisp.  Both in sound and execution.  I'd expect nothing less from Muse the perfectionists, how else would they have this grammy nod for best rock album.
  4. Cool video of American history icons and events.  Reports are that concert goers weren't exactly sure of it's relevance but was definitely entertaining.
  5. Confetti Cannons!

And that's about it, ACTUALLY WAIT... no it's not.

6.  RADIO 92.9 ENCORE presentation of music from the concert on your way home starting at 11p.           So tune in and don't touch that dial.  😉