Got $10,000? Then You Too Can See Adele In Boston

Now. No one is happy about this ticket crush, not Live Nation, not Adele, not me (and I'm not in the market to see Adele even if you handed me freebies) and certainly not her fans.  I have no idea how this is at all legal?  And what is it about her that makes fans want to climb way up into her vagina and live? I just don't know.  Hello???

Tickets to see Adele perform on Sept. 14 at the TD Garden, Boston, sold out in moments. And now prices on StubHub are beyond the realm of logic.

At the extreme, someone is selling a pair of seats in the VIP section for $10,450 each (we ought to string that person up by their eye lash extensions). And countless others are offering to resell their tickets for prices upwards of $1,000 (which all of a sudden sounds like chump change).

I am blown away by the phenomenon that is Adele. I think she's great, amazing voice and am thrilled for her success, but I wouldn't pay $10k to see her live.  In fact I wouldn't spend $10k to spend a week at her amazingly posh London area mansion (below).

Talk to me September 15th and let me know if her performance was worth thousands.

I'll be home sipping my English tea in her honor.