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Dave Grohl’s Tattoo

To no one’s surprise, tributes are still coming in for Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away Monday at the age of 70.  The influence of the Motorhead frontman is unmatched, and it shows through these touching tributes.


Dave Grohl

So far, Grohl is the first musician to go public after getting a Lemmy-inspired “Ace of Spades” tattoo after the singer’s passing.  We doubt Grohl won’t be the only one.



Corey Taylor

The Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman penned a tribute for U.K.’s The Guardian where he recalled chain smoking and hearing Lemmy tell “the most hardcore joke I’d ever heard” in the Germany offices of Gibson Guitars.  Taylor said he couldn’t tell it, because it probably wouldn’t get published, “but it involved a grandmother and an elbow,” which sounds both disgusting AND awesome!



Dee Snider

Snider sat down to tell the story of Twisted Sister opening for Motorhead in England…and how Lemmy prevented the harsh crowd from getting violent toward the glam/cross-dressing band.  Just an absolutely incredible story that showed just how much Lemmy looked out for up-and-coming acts.



Tom Morello

Ever the wordsmith, Morello wrote in a piece for Rolling Stone where he said Lemmy “probably was a brigadier general in some sort of heavy metal Harley-Davidson skeleton army,” “Gandalf in leather, with a Marshall stack” and “part man, part wolf, part Maker’s Mark.”



Tony Iommi

The legendary Black Sabbath guitarist talks about meeting Lemmy for the first time and what it was like touring with Motorhead throughout the years… and how the band’s tour rider was nothing but a list of booze.




News of Lemmy’s passing broke shortly before the 8 PM EST start of Monday Night Raw, but that didn’t stop the WWE from putting together a nice tribute to Lemmy, who wrote a number of entrance themes used by Motorhead fan Triple H.



Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett

Metallica have never been shy from sharing their love of Motorhead over the years, so it comes as no surprise that Ulrich and Hammett each wrote their own tributes to Lemmy for Rolling Stone.  Ulrich wrote about how he and a friend of his followed Motorhead through California on their tour with Ozzy Osbourne in 1981, and how approachable Lemmy was to the point where Ulrich was eventually hanging out with the band at 16 while they were writing some new songs in a rehearsal space. Hammett’s tribute may not have been as long-winded as Ulrich’s (surprise!), but it was all heart.  He recalled that Motorhead made him realize “that it was OK to be an outsider and that it was OK to not feel like I had to conform to anything.”



Ozzy Osbourne

We dare anyone to not get emotional while reading Ozzy’s tribute to Lemmy published by Rolling Stone The Prince of Darkness recalls his amazement at Lemmy’s partying and drinking ways, which coming from Ozzy Osbourne is really saying something.  Ozzy also touches on just how intelligent and well-read Lemmy was and even called him his hero.



Brian May

The Queen guitarist posted a tribute to Lemmy on his website where he wrote, “One of my dearest friends lived with Lemmy for 10 years and she always spoke of him as a tender man, very different from his public face, which never deviated from his tough gaze on the world.” While May said he wasn’t in Lemmy’s closest circle of friends, the paths did cross often and “he always managed to say something shockingly respectful to me, leaving me disarmed, because he hated being praised himself.




The legendary guitarist is a man of few words, but we have a feeling Lemmy’s passing is hitting him hard, especially since he was a frequent visitor to Lemmy’s home while he was recuperating from his defibrillator implant surgery.  (Lemmy said in an interview that Slash “was at my house more than he’s ever been before, encouraging me.  He’s a really f*cking good guy.”)  Slash did, however, post a tribute to Instagram stating, "I'm going to miss this guy more than words can express; Rock n Roll personified. & the embodiment of everything it stands for. & a truly good friend. RIP Lemmy."





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