Forgotten Jam: Incubus "Megalomaniac"

Today's Forgotten Jam comes from Incubus' 5th studio album A Crow Left of the Murder... It was released  in December of 2003, and reached #1  for a six weeks in 2004.– Jason Rossi 

Lead singer Brandon Boyd says the song is not specifically targeting anybody - "the song's meaning pertains to megalomaniacs in general with a particular emphasis on El Guapo from the American comedy film Three Amigos."

The video shows images of Adolf Hitler interspersed with shots of the band and of many people who are protesting. As the video progresses, officers are sent to disperse the crowd. The speaker's podium rises very high - then it is revealed that the podium is actually a gas pump. The gas pump spurts oil over the crowd, while the main figure's head is consumed by a bald eagle and starts eating people that turned into fish.