A Scott Weiland Worcester Memory

There are many facets to the Scott Weiland story, the saddest being his passing December 3, 2015.  You can choose to remember the tragic substance abuse, war of words with former (and sometimes current) band members, his sometimes prickly encounters with fans, or the other starts and stops in his post-STP career.  But I choose to remember him for leading the charge of one of my favorite concerts of the 90's.

On August 22, 1994, my friend and I left the Worcester Centrum (may the name also RIP) and said "They arena rocked their asses off."  "Arena rock" is usually a vanilla noun that reviewers use to generically describe a concert (ie: "They played their version of arena rock.")    But when we saw Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots "Purple" tour, they made "arena rock" a verb. In a good way.

Scott slinked and slithered around  the stage, commanding the attention and fist-pumping adoration of every fan in the 10,000 seat arena. I'm not sure if we knew yet of the demons he faced.  It didn't matter.  The show oozed with swagger, energy, attitude, sex appeal, guitars (no keyboards) a megaphone, and 17 really strong rock songs.  No long, wankery drum or guitar solos.  Just four guys in a band "arena rocking" their asses off to well-built, to-the-point rock songs.  And one singer with incredible range, power and beauty.

Below is a video of the show I found. I didn't watch it.  Don't need to.  I have the memory of my experience of the show forever.  A good memory of Scott. Thanks Scott.  And RIP.

-Ken West, Program Director of Radio 92.9.