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UPDATED: Eagles of Death Metal Concert Targeted In Paris Attacks, 112 Dead

UPDATE 11/13/15 9:20 PM EST – Per French CNN affiliate BFMTV, French officials are saying at least 153 people were killed in the attacks, with 112 people killed at Bataclan.



Tragic events in Paris tonight as the city underwent multiple terrorist attacks, including one during an Eagles of Death Metal concert where per French news outlet Agence France-Presse at least 100 people have been killed.

The band was set to perform at the popular venue The Bataclan, and according to Fox News, two gunman opened fire from the balcony before the Eagles of Death Metal took the stage.

The New York Times is reporting on one concertgoers account of the horrific attack saying that there was a gunman in the street near the venue’s exit.

Concertgoers who couldn't escape were then held hostage.  It is believed most, if not all of those hostages were killed, with the Associated Press reporting at least two attackers were killed.

Multiple reports are confirming the Eagles of Death Metal and other supporting acts escaped the venue, but the whereabout of all crew members is currently unknown.

The following post was published to the Eagles of Death Metal Facebook page:

The Eagles of Death Metal concert was one of reportedly six terrorist attacks across Paris.


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