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Is News About ‘Sonic Highways’ Season 2 On The Way?

Oh, those Foo Fighters are doing it to us again.

The group has launched a new web site ( featuring just a countdown clock and a crest with the group's logo. The clock runs down to November 23, and some fans are speculating online that the crest, which resembles a U.S. highway sign (most notably the famed Route 66) indicates it will be the announcement of a second season of the Emmy Award-winning Sonic Highways.

Foos leader Dave Grohl has said there will be a second season of the HBO show but also doubted that he'd want to take the band around the country, or the world, as he did for the first season. And Grohl himself tells us that ideas are never a problem in Foos world:

Is News About ‘Sonic Highways’ Season 2 On The Way?

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"I have a couple that are fucking crazy, honestly...I keep thinking, 'Well, I can't just do the same thing again. I can't go make, like, something that I've already done again.' So this time I'm going pretty large...I mean, look, I'm not gonna say that I'm addicted to the challenge, but I'm fucking addicted to the challenge. At this point I just want to see how much I can pull off."


The Foos are currently on tour in Europe, currently scheduled to wrap up November 19 in Barcelona, Spain.





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