Watch: Flea As Needles In Back To The Future 2

It's not TBT but this is the day if any, to re-visit everything Back to the Future.  And I was reminded of Flea's stellar performance as Douglas Needles, who played a role in Marty McFly's life.

Here's what he said about filming it:

I was on tour when that was filmed. We were playing clubs at the time, and I had to fly in from really far away to film my scenes. I slept like two hours the night before. Then we did it all in one day and I had to fly back to the tour that night. That's my real memory. It's just a blur, and I lost the sweater that my grandmother had knitted me somewhere on the trip. I think I only saw those movies when they came out. Never since.

Well Flea, today is a good day to watch...