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Did Grohl REALLY Break His Leg? Conspiracy Theories Addressed

Months have passed since Dave Grohl fell off stage at a Foo Fighters show in Sweden, which resulted in the frontman breaking his leg and lead to the birth of the incredible Foo throne.  Despite damming evidence some people still think the whole incident was a hoax, so Grohl decided to address the conspiracy theorists at a recent stop in Portland.

“I have a note from my doctor – although I’m really into the idea of a conspiracy theory,” said Grohl, per multiple outlets.  “What if I didn’t break my f*cking leg? What if I jumped off stage, fell on the ground and made it all look like it was a fucking emergency?  They dragged me off to the side, the band keeps playing, then 10 minutes later I magically reappear. Then I get somebody else’s X-ray of a broken leg, make it into a T-shirt and we make millions of f*cking dollars.  And I design this f*cking awesome throne so I don’t have to stand up any more. Imagine that!”

Clearly, Grohl is kidding, but in the video below (around the 2:10 mark), he does thank the road crew (particularly Dan, the lighting guy) for creating and assembling the now infamous throne and says to contact him to rent it out for any “bar mitzvah, wedding or physical rehab.”

While this writer doesn’t like to get too personal, she is turning 30 next year, and by then Grohl won’t need the throne anymore.  So, any pricing on renting the throne out in July 2016 would be greatly appreciated.




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