To LIKE or DISLIKE that is the question...

Ok, I admit ...I dislike the dislike button.  And I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here (just check out the spirit of the video below).  Sure, there are times when you NEED a dislike button.  No one likes Isis, or when a plane goes missing or when fluffy or Aunt Betty dies, but I am afraid of being crushed emotionally when the dislikes come a rolling in over something I spent time posting for you!  Something that I'd hoped you'd at least somewhat appreciate?  Can I take the criticism? Will I be less likely to post stuff? HELP ME!

Many of you have no problem with adding a potential darker side to FB, and in fact many have been waiting for it's addition... so help me grow a thicker skin and embrace this change.  Maybe shrugging stuff off is more healthy than pretending everyone likes you and the stuff you do.  Stay tuned.

Lucky for me you can't dislike this post...yet.