Much better than Miss America's response!

So, did Miss Georgia seriously become Miss America after that ridiculous answer about feeling Tom Brady's balls?  Yes, yes she did. "I'd have to feel the ball" (huh? because feeling the ball would indicate he cheated? No. Try again Betty).  Second, she said "if there was any question to be had I think he definitely cheated" LOL! If there was any question?  Now, if there was a question (which there was) then you can't use the word "definitely", can you Betty?  Bottom line is, she makes no sense.  None of her words can be logically understood.  See the cringe-worthy video below.

However, here are some words you CAN understand.  The logics and intelligence of a 6 and 8 year old.   MY 2 girls.  Hear them answer the same question...

Simple as that.   😉

xo Amy