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Soundgarden Back In the Studio

Soundgarden is apparently on "down" time as frontman Chris Cornell prepares to tour in support of his upcoming new solo album, but that hasn't stopped the group from getting together to work on new material.

Soundgarden posted a photo of Cornell, guitarist Kim Thayil and drummer Matt Cameron in a rehearsal facility with instruments, along with the caption, "Working on new material this week."

Soundgarden's last set of new material, King Animal, was released during November of 2012, and the group has toured extensively in recent years and released two box sets. But it's also left time for outside work, including Cameron's continuing membership in Pearl Jam, and Cornell tells us that's more of a plus than a minus for Soundgarden:

Soundgarden Back In the Studio

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"Yeah, we're all busy doing other things, and I think that we all bring in our outside-the-band experiences back in and that doesn't seem to ever be anything but a good thing. When you've been in a band that long and you've made, we almost always make albums with, like, 15 songs on them, so we've written a lot of songs over the years. It's great to go out into a different world and come back...with new understandings of how to write songs and how to record albums and also that sort of palette-clearing of doing something different."


Cornell's fourth solo album, Higher Truth, comes out September 18; he begins a solo tour that same night in San Diego.





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