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Soundgarden Working On New Studio Release

Chris Cornell is readying the September 18 release of his new album, Higher Truth, but Soundgarden is very much an active concern.

The frontman tells us that the group has, in fact, started work in a follow-up to 2012’s King Animal though he's loathe to put a timetable on when we'll hear anything:

Soundgarden Working On New Studio Release

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"I started working on a couple songs already, and we're working on new material. That was kind of the first thing I did. We don't really put a clock on anything, ever. I feel like that was one of the major things that kind of contributed to us splitting up, that, just kind of that 90s version of record cycle mentality -- you write, record, promo tour, write, record, promo tour -- and often the promo and the touring was penciled in on the calendar before you'd written one single song that would be part of the album that you were going to promote and tour off of. And we never did well with that. So we don't do that now; now we have no clock and everything seems to kind of feel really relaxed and good all the time."


Cornell will be promoting Higher Truth, a more acoustic-flavored album than his two previous solo sets, with an acoustic tour that starts September 20 in Los Angeles.




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