Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd on Touring With deftones

Incubus returns to the road in North America tonight (July 22), opening a six-and-a-half week tour co-headlining with deftones.

The two northern California groups certainly seem to come from different sides of the musical spectrum, but Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd tells us they're no strangers to each other:

"We've been on tour with them. we used to tour with them quite a lot in the early 2000s. It was cool because the deftones are, they're a similar sentiment, I think, in maybe the sincerity of the approach to making music...We both come from humble backgrounds and humble beginnings of getting in the van and play everything from someone's backyard and living room to the bar and the theater to the bigger theater to the bigger theater yet to the arena, that kind of thing. I think we understand and resonate with each other, among other reasons, around that kind of work ethics our bands have had over the years, a willingness and almost a desire to get back and pound the pavement."

Incubus is supporting its new EP Trust Fall (Side A); the group will be working on Side B this fall, after the tour. deftones have been working on a new album that's expected out later this year or during the first half of 2016. Death From Above 1979 and The Bots are also part of the tour.





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