Director of Kurt Cobain Doc Was Expecting Legal Action From Courtney Love

Benjamin Statler, director and producer of the newest Kurt Cobain documentary Soaked in Bleach, shared some interesting insights in a recent interview that make us really want to see his new film.

According to, Statler recently spoke with Kim Masters of KCRW's The Business about the film and the cease and desist letters he’s received from Courtney Love's legal team.

Soaked in Bleach, focuses on the death of Cobain via the findings of Tom Grant, a private investigator who was actually hired by Courtney Love after Cobain went missing.

In addition to Grant’s compelling audio taped phone conversation with Love and her attorney, the film features many expert interviews including on with Norm Stamper, who was the chief of police in Seattle when Cobain died. Stamper concludes, as do most in the film, that the investigation into Cobain’s death should be re-open.

It would seem that Statler was prepared for legal notices from Courtney Love and her camp. reports that Statler told Kim Masters in the upcoming interview "So far over the past 20 years it's my understanding anybody who's given Tom Grant any kind of a platform has basically had the same thing happen. And he's always told them from the beginning, 'She'll never follow through.'"

It does leave one to wonder why she’s yet to follow through with her legal threats. Maybe there are some things she doesn’t want to answer in court or it could be another theory she doesn’t want to give more time. Either way, based on the trailer for the film, we’re looking forward to seeing Statler’s take on Cobain’s life and tragic passing.

You can catch the whole interview with Statler July 13th via The Business podcast.