Mumford and Sons - Not hard to 'Believe'

Wow, Just wow.  First of all there's nothing like a live show with perfect sound on a perfect nearly summer night, with amazing energy and humble appreciation passing back and forth from artist to audience.  Mumford and Sons in Mansfield, Monday night, June 8th was one of those shows.  A top show for me, and certainly no thanks to it being any big crazy production (although it was their lighting guy's first night!), or flashy performance schemes.  No it was just Mumford being Mumford.  Epic sound, tremendous songs, so many instruments, in fact I lost track of which band member was where on stage playing which instrument.  I asked my friend, "is that Marcus way in back on drums singing Lover of the Light?" Indeed it was.  This is a live band who stands out from the rest, thanks to their raw ability to play and to stay true to each song and thanks to their great appreciation for their cherished audience.  Hard to Believe these guys are only celebrating their 3rd album.  

I loved this show (the ride home was a bear but worth every minute surrounded by Jersey barriers, what's  up with that?) However, listening to Radio 92.9 cushioned the blow with our 11pm on-air Encore Presentation of back to back Mumford (keep an ear out because this is common-place for us when a core artist wraps up their show).  So it's not at all hard to Believe, I didn't want the night to end.    -Amy