LISTEN: Debut Solo Album From Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel

Nate Mendel may be plenty busy with Foo Fighters these days, but that's not keeping him from dropping a new project on the world.

Mendel is streaming the debut album from his new solo project Lieutenant, If I Kill This Thing We're Going to Eat For a Week, online in advance of its March 10 release. The album features plenty of guests -- including Foos guitarist Chris Shiflett, Helmet's Page Hamilton, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and Mendel's Sunny Day Real Estate bandmate Jeremy Enigk -- and Mendel tells us this particular endeavor, his first as solo outing, was nerve-wracking:

LISTEN: Debut Solo Album From Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel

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"Yeah, I didn't go into it with any confidence at all because I hadn't done anything, no part of putting together my own record had I done before. I'm learning to play guitar, sing, write songs, record, all of it at one time. So I had no idea how it would turn out, and I knew that...having been doing music for so long I was sort of aware there's be an expectation of some kind of quality to what I'm gonna put out, 'cause I have all this experience. So I didn't have the luxury of being 17 and, 'Oh yeah, I made a record. It's terrible because I'm 17.' So i was really kind of very self-conscious about the process and just thought, 'OK, I'm gonna make this and if I like it I'm gonna figure out some way to put it out, and I was happy with the way it turned out. So it went from there."

Mendel is currently in Australia with the Foos but will be taking Lieutenant on the road in March for a 13-date tour that starts at the South By Southwest Music + Media Conference in Austin, Texas.


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