I Love Weezer Yes I Do - Amy Brooks

I love Weezer.  I really do.  I can't place why exactly.  They don't boast the greatest guitar player, Brian Bell is great but he's no Jimmy Page, (and he doesn't have to be...which is the beauty of Weezer).  Rivers Cuomo is quirky and has been his hipster self long before the term was coined for…


Flyaway To L.A & Win A Weezer Signed Guitar

Boston's Alternative wants you to win an autographed Weezer guitar and a trip to Los Angeles where it always "Feels Like Summer." Enter below! Weezer - Feels Like Summer (Official Video) We decided to skip spring entirely and go straight to summer. Our new single "Feels Like Summer."

Remembering Hugh Hefner - Weezer's "Beverly Hills"

Hugh Hefner died quietly in his sleep last week, he was 91.  Not exactly the way I thought he'd go to be honest (something a bit more scandalous perhaps?).  Nonetheless, he sure does leave heaven on earth for just plain ol' heaven. On this TBT, thanks to Weezer's post when he died, I was reminded…

Songs ARE Poetry - Happy World Poetry Day - Amy Brooks

Like poets, some songwriters are better than others. Like poems some songs are better than others. But when music meets great poetic prose well, it's pretty undeniable. Here are some cool song/poem combinations on this World Poetry Day. A sort of homage to the song lyric.  Because let's face it,  songs ARE poems.    🙂…

Dec 2

Alt 92.9 @ Patrons

Friday, Dec 2 @ 4:00 pm, Patrons

Songs and Stories is back this Friday, December 2nd and were featuring the one, the only... Weezer! Missed your chance to win tickets to the show? Head to Patrons right next to Brighton Music Hall for your last chance to win tickets to the show. Amy Brooks, ALT 92.9 and Miller Lite will be at Patrons from…