9 Times Chris Cornell Reminded Us He Could Sing Anything

In death, it’s easy to elevate an entertainer’s talent or importance. (Grief and shock lend itself easily to that.) But in the case of Chris Cornell, even before his shocking death today (May 18), he was already considered one of the greatest voices in rock history.

BREAKING: Chris Cornell Dead at 52

This is making my hands shake as I type it. Chris Cornell, one of the most talented voices in rock, has died at 52, according to his spokesperson.  The lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave died Wednesday night in Detroit.   A statement released by his spokesperson Brian Bumbery said the death was “sudden and…

Songs ARE Poetry - Happy World Poetry Day - Amy Brooks

Like poets, some songwriters are better than others. Like poems some songs are better than others. But when music meets great poetic prose well, it's pretty undeniable. Here are some cool song/poem combinations on this World Poetry Day. A sort of homage to the song lyric.  Because let's face it,  songs ARE poems.    🙂…

Chester Bennington and Other Great Rock Screams

Chester Bennington turns 41 today (March 20th,) and if there's one thing that sets the Linkin Park frontman apart from other lead singers, it's his powerful scream.  In honor of his birthday, we're looking at Bennington and other awesome screams in rock.  Enjoy!