WATCH: Tyga "It Wasn't My Fault!"

"It wasn't my fault! I was just performing!" Gotta love the meat-heads who work the door.  "Sorry Taylor Hawkins, Beck and SIR PAUL, your names are not on the list, VIP only"  LOL But the nasty tweets targeted at the rapper Tyga were unwarranted.  The poor guy, and I don't even really know who he…

The Grammys Most Disappointing Moment.

Opinions are like ... you know how the saying goes. No one will ever be happy with the Grammys, due to the show trying to please everyone. - Jason Rossi People took to the internet in rage or rejoice for the winners and loser of the awards. Then, there are those who go 'over the…

Dave Grohl's Red Solo Cup Steals The Show At Grammys

The Grammy award ceremony is a black tie affair. It's the type of event where you generally don't think of drinks being served in red Solo cups. Apparently Dave Grohl didn't get that memo. During Lionel Richie's performance Dave was caught on camera dancing to "All Night Long", red Solo cup in hand. The red Solo…

WATCH: How A Grammy Award Is Made

Countless musicians have taken home Grammys in the award show’s 58 year history, but did you know that all of those shiny, gorgeous trophies are made by a four-man crew in a tiny town in Colorado?

7 WTF Grammy Moments

There’s always at least one crazy moment from every Grammy ceremony, and if it’s a good year, there’s more. With the 58th Annual Grammys just days away, here's seven good, bad or awkward moments that made us say “WTF?!”