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Amy's Concert Corner - Nov 3

Foo Fighters tickets on sale now (if there are even any left!), U2 tickets on sale next Friday.  Plus these shows to see this week... The English Beat, the Used, A Perfect Circle (MJK), Tegan and Sara and more! Rock on and thanks for watching... -Amy

What? That's Not Pumpkin In My Pumpkin Pie? - Amy Brooks

'Tis the season for all things pumpkin, only it isn't pumpkin that's in your pie, or your pasta or even your muffins and yummy moist pumpkin bread, because it isn't usually (or actually) pumpkin in that can on the shelf in your favorite grocery store.  WHAT??  Scandal!  The internet is blowing up over this but…

Amy's Concert Corner - Oct 27

Wow. That was fast, end of October already - great shows and stuff to do this week with Halloween and some awesome bands visiting us in and around Boston. Foo Fighters ticket on sale info, Evanescence, Cypress Hill, Nothing But Thieves and Imagine Dragons to name a few! Check it out here:

WATCH Seth McFarlane Do His Family Guy Voices - Amy Brooks

Happy Birthday Seth McFarlane! My favorite voice guy (VO royalty), entertainer and all around funny dude. That's cuz he's from heyah (Rhode Island! close enough). Plus he's frigign' adorable...44 years old today Oct 26th and still killin' it. Check out this awesome video interview which aired on BBC One...he slides effortlessly in and out of…

How On Earth Can I Possibly Binge Watch All Of These Shows?! - Amy Brooks

Binge-watching aka binge-viewing aka marathon-viewing, you know the term, it's as common a household term as "pass the salt".  According to Wiki: Binge-watching: is the practice of watching television for a long time span, usually a single television show. And according to Webster: binge watch·ing noun  the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid…

Foo Fighters Coming Back To Boston! - Amy Brooks

Well, dreams are coming true, wishes are being granted.  Foo Fighters' CONCRETE AND GOLD NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 2018 is happening! Concrete and Gold, their latest album, was released 1 month ago, which immediately made it to #1 on the Billboard Chart, leaving fans and music types alike curious and (impatiently) waiting for when and if…