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World’s Biggest and Smallest Guitars

In honor of Guitar Month, we are taking a look at the world’s largest and smallest guitars. No matter the size, the guitar has been around for thousands of years and has continued to harmoniously serenade the masses. Whether the size of a single cell or the size of a warehouse, the guitar continues to…

Gorillaz to Give First Ever Live Interview

The band made famous for the consistent shroud of mystery that surrounds them, the Gorillaz are finally giving their adoring fans an opportunity to have a live conversation with the band. Or, well, at least two of the members.

INTERVIEW: Mike Einziger Of Incubus - Amy Brooks

This interview is timed perfectly as April is ... Guitar Month.  Although my favorite take away from my interview with Mike Einziger, lead guitarist for Incubus, is: To be perfectly honest, guitar is one of the least interesting things about music. haha and he's the lead guitarist! Fun parts of my job, if you can even…