It Still Amazes Me: Patriots Raise Banner 5 Tonight

I'm old enough to know this crazy Boston sports domination especially with our football team, REALLY isn't normal or typical. However after this 15 year run of incredible stats and wins and trophies and banners for our New England Patriots, well, I gotta say it's feeling more and more "normal" every year.  I said on the air just now, that this "ain't our first rodeo..." God, how obnoxious do I sound??!!  lol.  Pretty bad.  But I assure you I do remember where we came from, with Grogan (bless his heart), Tony Eason, Doug Flutie and Drew Bledsoe.  Some years more awful than others of course but I remember.

So although here in and around Boston, we have come to perhaps expect to at least find our team in the playoffs, but I don't believe we ever EXPECT to win the big when we do, we really are humbled.  Which generates the complete and unadulterated excitement for not just the raising of a 5th championship banner but the start of a fresh new season with our very own G.O.A.T.

So here we are- just hours from this 2017-2018 season kick off, and even less time until we worship yet another banner, the Pats 5th, the one for which they had to do renovations to the sound end of the stadium to make room.  They raised the "Gillette Stadium" sign above the big screen to create space for that 5th banner, (plus now there's room for another SIX!).  Haha no wonder people hate us.

Here are the things you can expect to see at the game:

  1. 70,000 terrible towels of our own (Pittsburg has nothing on us). yes, there will be 70,000 towels handed out at tonight's game all with Roger Goodell's mug printed on it (complete with clown nose, of course), and it's all courtesy of Barstool Sports.  Brilliant.
  2. The spread of the game (Pats play the Chiefs in case anyone is even paying attention to that, sadly it seems secondary!) is Patriots -9 not surprising.
  3. Prop bets to be made:  Bet the over under on the continuous booing of Roger for 35.5 seconds.  Or play the odds thate TB12 and the Commish will or won't shake hands (they will, right?). 7-2 that they will.  So bet $100 you could win $350! Almost a reason to hope they do!
  4. Gillette parking lots open at 3:30, gate opens at 6p, banner ceremony starts at 8p and kick off is at 8:30. I can't find any news of an official musical act, except for a little rumor i heard about U2? Or John Bon Jovi?  Sorry, I've only got speculation.
  5.  Check out Kickoff Village in Lot 4A (located between the Patriots ProShop and CBS Scene Restaurant & Bar). It's open from 3:30-8:00 p.m. with live music and a variety of Patriots-themed activities like autograph sessions with Patriots alumni Ty Law, Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Deion Branch and Troy Brown.

Ok, now go, have fun and be loud!  Not JUST for Roger.  But Definitely for Roger!  Enjoy it all because you never know when the hard times could creep back in. #GoPats !!!

Here is a trip down memory lane to when Pats hoisted their 4th.  And if you have put this particular moment in time out of your mind let me remind you with one word... DEFLATEGATE.


Patriots Unveil Fourth Super Bowl Banner

After months of dealing with deflategate, Pats fans had a reason to celebrate. WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong reports.