I Was On The 11p News And Said Nothing Worth Anything - Amy Brooks

Of course, much like how your mother always advised you to always be sure to leave the house wearing clean underwear because ya nevah know when you might be in an accident (am I the only one who was told that because in hind sight that sure sounds morbid and weird), you should also always consider bathing and doing your hair because ya nevah know when Shaun Chaiyabhat from WCVB and his camera man are gonna accost you at a gas station "to ask you a few questions".  Greaaaaat, I thought.  I finally get my moment on television and I'm not wearing a bra and I've got a Pats cap on because I haven't showered in 3 days.

It was Friday August 25th.  I had just driven 2 1/2 hours from Sebago Lake in Maine after 5 days of camping with my 2 girls and our close friends, when I had to stop for gas at the Newton-Wellesley rest stop on 128.  My car was loaded down with ALL of our camping gear, plus my 2 kids, their bikes, all of our rotting food and damp smelly laundry when this very kind and familiar face popped out from around the front of my car.

"Hi there!" He said. "How are you?"  He had such a familiar face but I couldn't place it, (I'd seen him obviously before on the news, but couldn't figure that out), so I gave him a hearty "Oh HI!, I'm great how're you!"  Thinking I must know this guy so I'd better be nice...I'll figure out who he is after a few more words come out of his mouth. Well that's when my feeling of dread washed over me...he said,

"I'm Shaun Chaiyabhat from WCVB, could I ask you a few questions about the predicted rise in gas prices with hurricane Harvey about to make landfall in Texas"

I'm afraid I replied at first with nothing but the horrified, glossed-over look of - WTF is he talking about?  I had just emerged from 5 days in the woods of Maine, with spotty cell service so answering his question seemed impossible. ["HURRICANE? Texas? Gas prices? I thought we relied mostly on the Middle East for oil, oops I hope I'm not saying this out-loud"] Fortunately I hadn't.  But quick!  I had to say SOMETHING. The lights are on my grimy face and the camera is rolling, holy HELL I hope this isn't live, nah it couldn't be. Say something Amy!!

So finally some garbledy-gook came out of my mouth about traveling and being on vacation and always searching for the lowest gas prices all while thinking...Hurricane?  Texas?  WTF is he talking about?

After my pathetic Cindy Brady moment in the spotlight when the camera was off, I introduced myself and it turns out he listens to Alt 92.9! Bless his heart.  Super guy, he has gained a big fan in me, and not just because he was a pleasure to speak to, nor because he listens to me midday on Alt 92.9 but because he only used a short and very small clip of our sad on-camera conversation.

Thank you Shaun for my 4 seconds of fame and for finding the least idiotic clip of the whole pathetic interview to add to your hurricane story.  (check it out below, I'm in the first 3 seconds then again they do a silly shot of me at the gas pump filling up).

Hey at least I was wearing relatively clean underwear.

-Amy Brooks


Amy Brooks on WCVB "Gas Prices"

I was interviewed briefly by Shaun Chaiyabhat of WCVB for their 11p news story about rising gas prices in the wake of hurricane Harvey. I was gassing up on my way home from camping, lookin' gooood AIm. Not.