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Brandon Flowers has always had a sort of swagger.  But I never thought of him as "arrogant".  Come to find out, at some point, early in his career as the lead guy for The Killers, either he was told that he was "The Man" (perhaps in a negative way) or else HE himself felt like he was.  And really, let's face it, he kind of IS (the man). He IS The Killers, there's hardly much disputing that.  But I think what I always just viewed as fame and "frontman-ship" he may have considered to be negative and arrogant.

Enter The Killers new album Wonderful Wonderful, and their first release from it "The Man," a song when first played many (including me) thought was a jab at our commander in chief in this ultra bizarre political climate, but not so.  According to Brandon, Wonderful Wonderful, is about making peace with his younger self and the negative things he did through a place of insecurity (which as we ALL know IS the base for ALL arrogance-at least this is what I tell my kids).

Brandon also explains in this fantastic interview with NME (below) that the music on this new album is:

"the most personal and bare (exposed) that he’s ever been.  I’m turning the pen around on myself, I’m looking in the mirror on this record and focusing a lot on my own personal experiences."

After watching this more humble and thoughtful Brandon Flowers here, it's more apparent than ever that he absolutely IS "The MAN" (video below)


The Killers discuss 'The Man', new album 'Wonderful Wonderful' and the problem with 'Battle Born'

The Killers' Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci talk to NME backstage at London's Hyde Park about the meaning behind new single 'The Man', their new album 'Wonderful Wonderful', the problem with previous album 'Battle Born' & their past 'negativity'.

The Killers - The Man

The Man - The Killers Written by: Flowers, Stoermer, Lee, Bell, Bell, Brown, Nash, Smith, Westfield, Mickens, Boyce, Thomas Buy/stream The Killers' new single "The Man": iTunes: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/it... Apple Music: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/ap... Amazon: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/am... Deezer: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/de... Google Play: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/go... Spotify: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheManDL/sp... Linkfire: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/TheMan Music video by The Killers performing The Man.




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The Killers' Brandon Flowers has said that the lyrics on the band's upcoming album 'Wonderful Wonderful' are 'the most personal and bare that he's ever been'. Watch our video interview with the band above.