This Is Why Mobile Ordering SUCKS - Amy Brooks

Once upon a time there was a girl who drove to work and decided to stop at a coffee shop with the expectation that she'd just run in and grab a cup of Joe. But it didn't quite work out that way.  That girl was me this morning. Here's her (my) story:

I walked into a popular (Seattle based) coffee shop in Needham Heights at 8:45am to get a simple iced coffee, not a 3 pump coconut skim milk latte with no whip, just an iced coffee. Ice and coffee.  To my surprise and delight, there was no line!!  So I ordered and paid my $2.99. then I watched as the woman took my simple order slid my empty cup with "Amy" written on it to the back of a long line of cups.  Then, I waited.

And I waited, and waited and I waited.  The barista was doing a bang up job of banging out lattes and chais, and Americanas and drinks I've never even heard of.  Suddenly I noticed the separate little pyramid shaped shelf (which was completely filled up) to the left of a an empty counter where the drinks are usually placed when they are completed.

Huh, I thought, then I listened more carefully "mobile order for Janet?" Ah-HA!  I looked around and noticed a room full of human beings; men, women, kids sniffling, babies crying ALL waiting for their friggin' drink of choice, yet the "mobile orders" sat there and continued to pile up.  Great. Good for all you mobile orderers for being such good planners and for indulging in the coffee shop's fancy new marketing tool.  (Blech).

HERE'S MY BEEF (at the risk of stating the obvious)... All these mobile orders were clearly being made in front of my order as well as at least 20 others who had also walked in the old fashioned way and ordered their coffee and paid for it in person.  We who were there waiting in person watched as the mobile orders began to accumulate.  Not cool.  Coffees just sitting there, ice melting, while the rest of us waited.  Hot sandwiches getting cold and rubbery unclaimed.  I'm thinking should we poor slobs standing there in person take priority over some A-hole who ordered it from the seat of their train which hasn't even come in yet?

So 23 minutes later, I heard the barista say, "Amy, plain iced" (that's me icy and plain I thought). Well, at the time I was working on a mean tweet so I surprisingly didn't jump at my freshly made iced coffee which should have taken 20 seconds to pour. But I got my tweet out...

Amy Brooks on Twitter

Ok you mobile orderers at @Starbucks can go F yourselves. There's a pile up of your stuff while a huge line forms #boo @ALT929boston

I don't necessarily have a solution but there's gotta be another way...I know I know, can't stop progress, but this feels more like regress.

Or else I guess I'll just remain forever...plain, icy (and pissed off).

-Amy Brooks