WATCH: Man In Wheelchair Crowd Surfs To Stage And Plays With Coldplay

Imagine for a moment that you are a musician of a world renowned rock band performing in an amazingly welcoming and adoring city.  That's pretty awesome, right?  Now imagine, as you look out past the glare of the bright lights, you see something moving above the crowd toward the stage.  What IS that?  You think to yourself as you try and prepare for the next song.  Then you realize.  Holy SH*T, that's a man in a wheelchair crowd surfing his way to ME!

The simple and impromptu solution...invite him onstage to perform a song with the band!   And that is exactly what Coldplay did.  This is the account of what happened the other night in Dublin, Ireland, at Coldplay's Head Full of Dreams tour stop at Croke Park, and the audience absolutely errupted!

The man in the wheelchair is 29-year-old Rob, and as he was lifted aloft in his chair all the way to the stage, Chris Martin introduced him to the delight of the crowd.  And just as you wouldn't have imagined it could get any more memorable, Rob whips out his harmonica and starts playing a traditional song with the band.

At the start of the show, Chris said to the crowd,

"I heard a rumor that this crowd was going to be the loudest in history. We're so happy to be here, now turn it up."

Thanks to Rob, and Coldplay's incredible welcoming spirit, the crowd obliged and then some.


-Amy Brooks

COLDPLAY fan crowd-surfing in his wheelchair to reach front of stage with Chris Martin.

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