Best Lobster Roll: And The Winner Is....

...Not from here (heeyah)?  What?!  Impossible! Blasphemy!  Let's face it, The Lobster Roll IS New England's native and classic sandwich, our pride and joy, our summer rite of passage.  But I guess you don't need to be from here nor do you need to make it here to be the top dog in a New England city's 1st annual Best Lobster Roll contest. Womp womp.

I'm guessing you will be as surprised as I was to learn that the winner of Portland, Maine’s first-ever lobster roll festival is from the least likely place, a land locked state known for it's Mormon population as well as it's epic skiing and riding...Utah!  

Freshies Lobster Co., a Park City, Utah company, earned the title “World’s Best Lobster Roll” at Saturday’s festival put on by Down East magazine.  See the proud winners below:

@freshieslobster just one #worldsbestlobster roll @downeastmagazine 1st annual competition!!

195 Likes, 26 Comments - Freshies Lobster Co (@freshieslobster) on Instagram: "@freshieslobster just one #worldsbestlobster roll @downeastmagazine 1st annual competition!!"

As surprising as it is to this Massachusetts native and lobster aficionado, the winning did seem surprisingly thorough... there were several rounds of judging, including an overall popular vote by 250 VIP attendees made up of food writers and a lobsterman who explained that they were “looking for overall taste, texture, and satisfaction.”  Then a five-judge panel chose the king, the very best lobster roll among three finalists.’s Michael Stern, who was one of the festival’s judges, told The Bangor Daily News in a Facebook Live video.

It was such a well-balanced lobster roll, ”  “The meat was great, the bun was great, the seasoning was great. It was just kind of perfect.

But still it's pretty tough for us to give up the title of such a down home N.E. tradition and to lose to Utah? It just feels like, ah man, I guess ANYONE can make a good lobster roll after all.  Damn!

Here's the history of the origination of the Lobster Roll according to Wikipedia (so it MUST be true) 😉

The lobster roll was originated at a restaurant named Perry's, in Milford, Connecticut, as early as 1929, according to John Mariani's "Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink." Once Perry's put the new sandwich on its menu, its popularity spread up and down the Connecticut coast, but not far beyond it. For those residing in Connecticut, a lobster roll served warm is simply called a "lobster roll" while the lobster roll served cold is called a "lobster salad roll".

After digging deeper into the impossibility that a couple from a restaurant in Utah could possibly know anything about lobster let alone concoct the best lobster roll...GUESS where they are from originally?

Freshies owners Ben and Lorin Smaha are from Cape Elizabeth, Maine and Lebanon, New Hampshire, respectively!

Ah-HA! THAT explains it!  Whew. Now I can go on living.