WATCH: Footage Of Nirvana Playing In A Radio Shack In 1988

If we only knew then what we know now...can you imagine walking by the Radio Shack in Aberdeen, Washington in 1988 and seeing these guys playing in the window?  First of all, you wouldn't have known they were soon to be the most important grunge era band and second that that very lead vocalist/guitarist wouldn't live to see his 28th birthday.

Then, and in this footage, this early version of Nirvana was known as Ted Ed Fred, and Kurt Cobain's doppelganger, Dale Grover was on drums (obviously pre-Dave Grohl) who later joined The Melvins.

Perhaps, aside from Kurt jumping into the screen shot, a-la- MTV video clip style...I have to give mad props to Eric Harder the Radio Shack store manager in Aberdeen, Washington for being the one responsible for letting the future legends take over the store and Dana Bong (Hmmmm...real name or made up?) for recording it.

Anyway, talk about a great #TBT, right?



Nirvana - January 24th, 1988, RadioShack, Aberdeen, WA (COMPLETE, PREVIOUSLY UNCIRCULATED)

Previously unseen in its entirety... Thanks to the filmer, Radioshack, and Dana Bong for the additional camera work. If you happen have a Nirvana tape that you recorded that has been sitting in a closet/attic/basement for 25+ years, let me know. Happy to help get it properly archived and shared with the world.