Walk With Me And Win This Gavin Rossdale Signed Guitar - Amy Brooks

I know, I know, there's been a lot of talk about my KIDNEYS lately.  I'm sorry about that.  You're probably tired of it. Obviously it's been a huge thing for me, as I got a new kidney 3 weeks ago today.  (ya know no big deal).  😉  But before you click away from this page, please keep reading!

Because actually, it is a pretty big deal, not just for me but, my angel donor Sandra MacInnis.  After all she VOLUNTEERED to have one of her perfectly working kidneys ripped from her body, for ME.  Tough act to follow, and never will I ever really be able to return such a gift.

However.  I might be able to give back to those who haven't been as fortunate as I.  Here's what I've decided to do.  I'm gonna walk and give back, dammit! Only I can't do it without your help.   Join my team HERE for the Boston Walk For PKD or donate, no amount is too small, I swear, and is soo much appreciated.

My kidneys failed because of a life long condition I was diagnosed with when I was 16 called Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD.  My mother was all over learning and contributing to the PKD Foundation but because I wasn't feeling sick until much later in my life (the past 5 years), I did nothing.  Now, she is gone (cancer) and didn't live to see me thriving on the other side of this kidney transplant surgery.  But my mom, Dotty, has been, without doubt, my guardian angel.  I simply can't explain my amazing good fortune otherwise. And one little foot note...Sandra's mom's name?  Also Dotty. Love that!

Anyway, I only recently came to learn that millions suffer with PKD world wide.  That's crazy! And there's pain involved for most (again I was lucky and didn't experience much pain) but worst of all the kidneys almost always fail.  The cysts grow and grow and take over the important working kidney tissue and polycystic kidney patients end up in renal failure, needing a transplant or on dialysis.  Which SUCKS!!  Dialysis means you have to go into a center 3 times a week and sit hoked up to a big machine which does what a kidney would do, it filters the toxins from your blood, and it ain't fun.

So there's a Boston Walk For PKD and I'm going to walk this year for the FIRST time.  I've formed a team called Amy's 92.9 Army in tandem with my amazingly supportive radio station Alt 92.9.  The first person to sign up to be on my team?  My DONOR!!  I didn't even ask her.  She keeps volunteering for things!

So WALK WITH US!  The walk is along the Esplinade on September 30!  It's a nice, simple, under 3 mile stroll!  And when you do sign up to walk you set how much your fundraising will be (not much I promise, plus you'll have help promoting it from us!), AND (here's the coolest part) once you sign up you will be instantly eligible to win this wicked cool Gavin Rossdale and Bush autographed electric guitar!

Ok ok, so you aren't up for walking, you have bunions, or you'll be washing your hair on September 30th... no worries, no judgement!  BUT perhaps you would be willing to donate some $$ to the cause?  Our team page link is HERE and it only takes a minute to ante-up a little do-re-mi to help find a cure for this damnable disease.  I'll even make sure you're still entered to win the guitar!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU not only for reading this, but for all of your thoughts and well wishes, and amazing comments through my journey to the other side of PKD.  Without you pulling for us, I doubt we'd have found the strength to have this amazingly favorable outcome.

Hmm, I wonder...now that these huge polycystic kidneys have been removed from my body, am I still considered to HAVE PKD??  lol  I do know this...I'm never looking back, only forward, to help find a cure for others.  And boy will I never take for granted of another day I'm alive and well.

So Rock on and Walk on...for PKD!


Amy Brooks