Josh Dun Endorses Hayley Williams's New Hair Product GoodDYEyoung

Want to dye your hair like a millennial rock star?  Well then THIS is for YOU.

GoodDYEyoung hair color is the brain child of Paramore's Hayley Williams.  whether the product is as amazing as Josh Dunn says it is remains to be be seen, but one thing is for sure, he believes it, and he thinks she has earned his endorsement and any success that comes of her product.  Now that's a good friend.

Josh, having been coloring his Mohawk meets mullet style do, has been heard talking about GoodDYEyouong for sometime saying it's an honor to be chosen to represent the product, "especially coming from Hayley believing in her vision, and how hard she works."

Dun also had a positive outlook on the future of hair dye, noting that he believes the "culture of hair dye is growing and becoming more accepted."

Best of all, Dun concluded by saying he feels a special "unity" with fans around the world who also sport colorful locks. "It's super cool to share that connection," he says

Congratulations to both. I hope Hayley is getting her better endorsement pay than I have for talking about cat litter here at Alt 92.9. 😉


goodDYEyoung on Twitter

goodDYEyoung x @joshuadun ] excited to officially welcome josh to our beautifully obnoxious family! #dyehappy #gooddyeyoung