Matt Damon Narrates New Marathon Documentary "Boston"

This is NOT Mark Wahlberg's "Patriot's Day".  This is not a sensationalized film.  Rather, this is a tribute to the history of the world's oldest annual marathon which ranks as one of the world's best-known road races (actually THAT sounds like sensationalizing!).  This is the new documentary film "Boston" which examines the 120 years of the Boston Marathon...and to say it looks inspiring is an understatement.

I mean as a Bostonian I can honestly say that without question the Boston Marathon holds an exceptionally special place in the hearts of us natives.  So to document it's 120+ year history with beautiful footage and interesting interviews this is something of a must see. Throw in one of our most beloved local movie stars, Matt Damon as a narrator with his own stories of growing  up with the historic event, well, I am sold.

Matt, who along with his brother, Kyle, and his father, Kent, have each run the Boston Marathon four times, explained the Marathon’s importance to him in the foreword to 2013’s The B.A.A. at 125: The Official History of The Boston Athletic Association 1887-2012  a book by runner and author John Hanc.

“Some of my most vivid childhood sports memories took form in the early 1980s at Fenway Park, the Boston Garden, and  by the side of the road near the fire station on Commonwealth Avenue in Newton,” Damon wrote in the book. “I’ll never forget standing there in the crowd with my brother, Kyle, as we looked first for Bill Rodgers, and then, in the very same race as some of the most talented runners on earth, our smiling (and grimacing) 40-year-old dad.”

Check out the sneak peak of the new film here:

It premiered in Boston over the weekend but will be in over 450 theaters everywhere on April 19.

I have already reserved my ticket.  Happy Patriot's Day!


BOSTON Sneak Peek :60

Directed by Jon Dunham (Spirit of the Marathon films) BOSTON is the first-ever feature documentary about the legendary Boston Marathon. Coming Spring 2017.