FUNNY: Stephen Colbert Tries To Understand Taxes

This just makes me laugh.  I was drifting in and out of sleep when this came on the other night and so I wasn't sure this was truly funny because I was doing the ol' head bob (you know that time of's my routine after all to fall asleep to one late night show or another). So I looked it up and watched it again, in a more coherent state (presumably).  And what do you know it IS truly hilarious!  And being the last weekend before tax day (April 18th) I felt it had to be shared.

So ICYMI: here is a hilarious skit Stephen Colbert does with a tax accountant from H & R Block.

I even cued it up here for you.

In the meantime, that reminds me, I need to file an extension 😉


Stephen Colbert Goes Undercover As An H&R Block Tax Pro

In his latest hidden camera adventure, Stephen pops up at his local H&R Block office to help everyday Americans file their 2016 tax returns.