WATCH: Local Kid Pulled From Crowd To Play With Green Day

This is everything!  For a long time now, I have been wanting kids to understand that there's more to music than Bieber and Rhianna. It's a pipe dream I realize. Nonetheless, I have been on a crusade to not be the parent with the kids who's musical taste is nothing but a cliche.  So when I saw this local kid with his green hair (granted it was St. Patrick's Day) not only taking in a Green Day show, then performing with the band on stage but being over the moon about it...well, my faith has been somewhat restored!

Rock icons like Dave Grohl and Josh Homme (both with young daughters) as well as James Hetfield   and many others, have stated again and again that they've been playing their kids AC/DC since the day of their birth.  The struggle is of course real, and I can attest to it.  I have 2 small girls too, both of whom are in love with what their friends listen to, (Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor etc), but i won't allow that to be the only music on the menu, no way.  They won't grow up with out KNOWING some great rock songs!  They get the daily beat-down from their Alt Rock Radio DJ mother about all of the great rock bands they SHOULD know, (dammit!)  Some of my exposure tactics have paid off because now my 10 year old is playing the guitar and she keeps requesting for her instructor to teach her Green Day songs.

Enter Grant from Rutland, Ma:  NICE GOING BUDDY!!!

And bravo to Billie Joe, who seemed equally as excited at how this whole guest appearance turned out as Grant was.  Check it out here-  And below is a FB post by the music shop where Grant takes guitar lessons.

Rock on Grant. \m/


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