4 Life Hacks For Running Late

We all have those days that don't go as smooth and easy as we like.

Maybe we forget to set our wake up alarm, or we've gotten lost in a daydream and now we're running late for something important. It happens! But where there's a will, there's always a way to ease the running late blues. If you're on point and prepared beforehand, you'll still be able to come out victorious!

To help you get proactive in your preparation, here are four quick last minute life hacks to help you save time when you're being lazy - I mean late!

1. Plan
Failing to plan is planning to fail. When you layout what you have going for the week or just even planning the night before you have a busy day, it’ll help keep you on track. You won’t wonder what you have to do next and it’ll all be mapped out for you. Plus, gives you a reason to carry around a very nice planner!

2. Set clothes out the night before
Gathering your outfits for the days ahead will save you so, so much time. You won’t have to fiddle around searching for what to wear when it’s already set out for you. Just quickly put the clothes on and you’re basically done with your preparation, giving you the ability to spend time doing other things.

3. Time yourself
This is perfect if you're on a time schedule; timing yourself for each task you have to do will help you stay on top of your time. Try timing yourself to your favorite music as well; do a task per song and finish it before the song is over. You're getting things completed while having a jam session at the same time!

4. Take it with you
Nothing's better than a good ol' grab-n-go. If you're a chick, put your essentials in a makeup bag and quickly do your makeup in the car. Still have to eat breakfast? Make it or find something quick then dash. This way you're not wasting anymore time and get to where you need to be in a timely manner.


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