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National Pizza Day Is Here, So Here's Some Tips To Save You Dough

Do you like pizza? We love pizza. 

Almost as much as Winona Ryder in this clip, actually.

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Winona Ryder + facial expressions + floating pizza slice = Stranger Things This is everything ❤ #stranger #WinonaRyder #sagawards2017 https://t.co/673BI6nS0e


According to Retail-Me-Not, there are quite a few pizza dealers (because cheese is a drug, people - A DRUG).

Domino's: You can get a 3 topping large for $7.99 if you order online and pick it up at the location with the coupon here.

Hungry Howies: You can get the same deal, $7.99, and you must order online using this coupon. They are also running a 33 Cent Three Cheeser Bread promo if you have an online order over $12 using code 33CHEEZ.

Papa John's: They are offering 40% off regular priced menu pizzas, and are only redeemable online using this code. The order can not be combined with other offers or discounts. This deal lasts through March 5.

Pizza Hut: A medium 3-topping pizza is just $6 using this code, and has no stipulation listed of online / in store - though if it's a code, pretty sure it's probably an online deal.


If none of those suit your fancy, you can check out some awesome local shops, or a place called Pieology, which is basically Subway for Pizza, or make your own at home!

My favorite make-at-home-pizza?

  • Get a pita pocket, like the ones at Trader Joe's for example, tear them into two separate pieces like you're going to make a sandwich.
  • Cover it with a thin later spaghetti or pizza sauce.
  • Cut tomatoes in small pieces and put on the pizza (I use grape tomatoes).
  • Add basil leaves, at your desired basilly goodness.
  • Add mozzarella cheese.
  • Then put it in the oven till you see it crisping around the edges.
  • When done cooking, sprinkle Parmesan on it.


SO DELICIOUS, and semi-healthy.


We hope your National Pizza Day is as fulfilling as ours!


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