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Ben Affleck Trolls Brother Casey For Golden Globes Speech

Ben Affleck goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live to throw down on his brother Casey Affleck for not thanking him in his Golden Globes speech. 

He of course was there to promote HIS movies coming out, but as Jimmy says, his family turmoil is what the audience is eating up!

Ben goes in on Casey on his awards acceptance for Manchester By The Sea, and once Jimmy Kimmel asks if his this is the first time that brothers could win in separate categories and starts sharing some pretty personal (we don't know if it's true or not) information about his brother.

Watch it here (and keep note, it's late night TV so the subject matter gets a little awkward):

Ben Affleck's Brother Casey Did Not Thank Him in Golden Globes Speech

Ben complains about the fact that his brother Casey didn't thank him during his Golden Globes acceptance speech and he reveals some shocking facts about him.


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