Sox Fans Can Relate To Eddie Vedder's "All The Way"

Even if you're not a Cubs fan you can feel the heart and soul behind this song, and no one, and I mean no one, can understand Eddie Vedder's sentiment here more than a pre-2004 Red Sox fan, like myself.

Terry Francona (who helped to bring the Sox two World Series titles in his 8 seasons in Boston), but there's also some other familiar faces on this current Indians' team; Napoli, Miller and Crisp just to name a few. Indians' fans are almost as tormented as we once were not having a World Series championship since the late 1940's.  Plus this is the American League in which the Red Sox exist, so you'd think with all of those reasons, cheering on Cleveland would be a lock.

However.  The cities of Chicago and Boston have many similarities, (ie: cold weather and an equally enormous Irish population, the two oldest ball parks and only manual scoreboards in MLB, among other shining attributes). The most glaring is our deep appreciation of their torment to not having won a damn World Series in every living Cubs' fan life span.  Red Sox went 88 years and had a curse of the Bambino, Cubs have gone 108 years and have this odd curse of the Billy Goat.

But what brings it all into perspective is this fantastic folksy tune Chicago's most famous rock star fan wrote 9 years ago, and the sentiment and will to win hasn't changed since.

So for now, I will wear my only Cubs' gear and I will hope for the best for this hopeful town and fan base. Simply because this Red Sox fan has been there.


Here's to this being the year your team goes "All The Way"

-Amy Brooks


"All the Way" - Eddie Vedder Cubs Tribute

Go to for more. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder lets his passion for his favorite team shine through in this tribute song to the Chicago Cubs in this video by MOUTHPIECESPORTS personality Brian Dryfhout.