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10 Cool And Nerdy Products That You Need Right Now

Do you ever have to get someone a present and you've got no clue what to get them?

Whether it be a birthday, a just-because, a congratulatory present, or early Christmas Shopping, sometimes you just have to go a little nerd.

We've rounded up ten super cool products that would excite almost anyone - and you should definitely write a few of these down!


Personalized LP Records

How cool would this be for your parents anniversary? Or commemorating someone's birthday? Though a tiny bit on the pricey side, totally worth it.


LuMee Perfect Selfie Case

Yeah, even the nerd-worthy people need the perfect selfie! This case was actually something that Kim Kardashian said she used, but there are cheaper versions out there as well!


Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

Love Harry Potter and Makeup? Get these wands! Because sometimes you just need to nerd out in a makeup kit.


Marvel Coasters

Because Captain America would frown upon coffee table rings.


Death Star Tea Infuser

If you're into loose tea and Star Wars, this might just be worth it.


Batman Money Clip

If the man in your life is into nerdlicous things, and needs a new money clip - this might be the way to go. Justice for your money!


Phone Photo Printer

If you're into the Polaroid idea but not using an actual disposable camera, here's your next option! Also might be good for DIY Wedding Photobooths.


Star Wars Decanter

You won't be able to shoot straight after drinking some whiskey from a storm troopers head, but really, did you expect to?


Macro Lens Band For iPhone

Ever want to get really close to an object with your iPhoneography but it won't focus properly? Here's a quick and cheap macro lens to try out that has a rubber band to hold it in place.


Like and Dislike Stamps

Whether it be a funny prank at work, or if you're a teacher grading a paper, these stamps that are similar to the Facebook like button are pretty hilarious!



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