This Is Why We Love Ken Bone: WATCH

The New York Times calls it "The Kenneth Bone Effect".  And after seeing this short interview which Jimmy Kimmel did with the man of the hour himself, I can completely see why.  He's quick, humble, genuine, funny, smart, a little serious and it's crystal clear that he actually cares about our future and most of all...America!  After hearing his reasoning for why he is still an undecided voter even after the second presidential debate last Sunday, at which he was in attendance (of course), my first and only thought was...

"maybe YOU should run for president Ken Bone!"

Which brings me to one of best favorite Tweets I saw:  Christopher C. Curtis writes: “Some heroes wear capes. Others wear Izod Men’s Cable sweaters with a quarter length zipper.”

For me it's much much less about the sweater and ALL about what he says and how he says it!

In a world of questionable celebrity phenoms like the Kardashians, Kendra and Snooki; my heavens is Ken bone a site for sore eyes, and I mean that in the most genuine way possible.

And the greatness doesn't seem to end with him.  Mrs. Bone isn’t necessarily excited about the prospect of hordes of Mr. Bone look-alikes wandering around this Halloween and beyond.

“I hope I don’t see a red sweater and kiss the wrong guy,” she said.

Haha, his wife seems pretty cool and funny as well.  I guess birds of a feather...

For once could it be that the internet, (you and I), got it right?

Ken Bone you have my vote!

Check out this funny few minutes to get a glimpse of the kind of guy Ken Bone is one on one with Jimmy Kimmel.

-Amy Brooks


Debate Sensation Ken Bone on Jimmy Kimmel Live

At the last Presidential Debate America was introduced to an undecided voter in a red sweater named Ken Bone. Ken quickly became the darling of the Internet so Jimmy invited him on our show.